Our Services

We provide a full range of specialist logistics, stevedoring, on/offshore terminal
operations, material and cargo handling, haulage and marine support services to the oil, gas,
energy and industrial sector as stated below.


  • Dedicated personnel for port/terminal operations
  • Stevedoring Contractors
  • General maritime services and contracts
  • On/Offshore hire, cargo pre-shipment surveys
  • Inspection and conditions survey of containers and barges

Cargo Handling

  • Containerized
  • Break Bulk
  • Consolidation Cargo
  • Bulk liquid and dry cargoes
  • Chartered Vessel
  • Vehicles heavy and over dimension cargo

Marketing Segment Services

  • Project Handling
  • Bulk Cargo Handling
  • Terminal Operations
  • Haulage
  • Forwarding
  • Free and bonded warehousing
  • Intermodal Transport
  • Export Operation
  • Inland containers transfery

Cargo Characteristics

  • Containerization
  • Bulk liquid (petroleum products)
  • Bulk dry (cement, wheat, sugar, gypsum, fertilizer)
  • Bagged homogenous (sugar, fertilizer, rice, etc)
  • Group containerized cargo
  • Heavy lift and hydro pipes
  • conventional consolidated cargoes
  • Flour and cereals packaging
  • Petroleum products
  • Export produces
  • Vehicle and motorcycles
  • Commercial items

Client Profile

  • Petroleum products
  • Export produce
  • Flour and cereal packaging
  • Textiles
  • Vehicles and motorcycle
  • Commercial items